Punchkin Repertory Theatre is dedicated to creating dynamic, thought-provoking productions. We examine human nature, explore imaginative design, and celebrate literary merit. PRT is committed to providing audiences with intriguing, innovative theatre experiences that are accessible and affordable. We encourage a vibrant, connected environment for artists while enriching the Austin arts community by fostering new talent in the Austin theatre scene. Our approach not only makes for great theatre, it also assists us in training artists and non-artists to use creativity and collaboration to communicate through the arts.


Punchkin Repertory Theatre will be a 501(c)(3) non-profit, professional theatre company and have its own flexible theatre space in downtown Austin within 10 years. It will employ and support diverse theatre artists, both established and emerging. It will encourage and support diversity in its work. In its effort to provide greater artistic opportunities for the community, it will build a network with the University of TX at Austin and create educational programming for Austin’s young adults. It will practice sustainable, environmentally conscious methods in its functioning. It will partner with as many local businesses as possible to create a stronger theatre presence in Austin and help fuel Austin’s economy. In order to realize this vision, Punchkin Rep needs the support of the Austin community.



The company was founded in Austin, TX, by several entrepreneurial artists in the spring of 2011 and is currently run by Owner/Executive Director, Kara White. Punchkin Rep is a sponsored non-profit project of Austin Creative Alliance and has completed eight productions in its first four years.

The word “Punchkin” comes from the name of a road that the original founder’s mother lived on growing up in India. While the name of that road is actually “Paanchkuin,” (meaning “five wells” in Hindi), a variation on the name became “Punchkin” (the word “punch” is a Hindi derivative).  “Punchkin” is also the name of an Indian fairy tale character.